Lens-based lights beam simulations

What is shown below is mostly self-explanatory. See non-trivial notes among simulation comments.

First - two reference lights for comparison.

Philips Saferide 80. A good well-known light. Stock LEDs - Luxeon Rebels.

Generic "MagicShine"-type circular reflector. A bad well-known light. Cree XML (LT50E3).
(it's too bright at center, so colors are severely clipped in 3D view)

Lens-based lights. LEDs - Cree XML (LT50E3).

UPD, Nov 2016: "Far" below is from older setup, when it was used as Far light. Now it is used upside-down as High-beam light.

Far widened by the diffuser.


Far and Near.
This LID is obtained from combining the Far and Near LIDs.

(due to limited angular capture of each, there are the 2 horizontal discontinuities)