Yellow arrows - headlight buttons (right, left), red - brake light's. Green - headlight connectors. Blue arrow - connector for brake. Purple - info LED for brake.

Info-LEDs - above the gear shifting indicator. Left side of the handlebar, info-LED of the Near headlight:

(yes, indicators back light is kind of a show-off.. just since I had to wire-wind the connectors and buttons down to handlebar anyway, why not to also wind LEDs).

Unfortunately, while riding, when looking far ahead, when a headlight is blinking something (e.g., voltage drop) - you won't notice it with your side vision. But if riding slow, and looking around the wheel - OK, will notice fine.

Same left side of the handlebar, but view from the outside-front:

Here the headlight connector is better seen, and almost everything for the brake light: connector, button, and info-LED.

I didn't integrate the buttons into the brake levers, for 2 reasons.

Also, I almost never ride on highways (I'm too old to die :) - Madagascar-2), so I just don't need all this lever integration. But if you want it - go for it, the firmware is totally neutral to this.